Kat Trax - Josh & GrandpaOur History

Grandparents Konrad & Cora emigrated from Norway to Wildrose North Dakota and eventually homesteaded in Gig Harbor, Washington. The family brought their traditions and knowledge of fishing, carpentry and land-work with them to carve out a life for themselves.  Their children worked along side them as commercial fishing and construction became their trade long before the invention of bulldozers or septic systems.  Grandpa Orlando continued the family trade of land work and construction. He embraced new technology owning some of the first bulldozers that made his business grow and gave Josh happy memories at grandpa’s side.

Even though his great-grandparents, grandparents and father are gone, they left a lasting impression that inspired Josh to eventually open his own company with 4 generations of skill and trade to draw upon.

Handling each customer like they are the most important customer, Josh was trained with the attitude of “how would you treat this job site if it was your grandma’s place?".

Our Process

1. Click the SERVICES tab and familiarize yourself with our services and Glossary of Terms

2. Click our CONTACT US tab, fill out the Project Questionnaire and submit it to us.

3. A service specialist will contact you to go over your project and schedule a site visit as needed.

4. An estimate will be given or itemized written quote will be provided. (valid for 90 days)

5. Send initial payment with signed contract.

6. Work begins as scheduled. 
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