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Typically one to two days, however from the time we begin installation to receiving authorization to back-fill and removing our equipment is approximately 10 business days.

Most excavation contractors are not septic installers and most installers do not perform site preparation or excavation. Hiring the right contractor who understands the entire scope of your land project regarding land preparation, timber and logging, hardscaping and septic installation saves you time and money. Hiring the wrong excavator can disqualify your On-site Sewer System (OSS) and cost you potentially thousands of dollars or worse, the loss of a buildable site.

A Site Development Activity Permit (SDAP) is a permit that the Department of Community Development reviews for land disturbing activities for major development, development in critical drainage areas (steep slopes, shoreline, closed depressions, etc.), and for the use/improvement of unopened right-of-way. For more information (click here).

A document that is recorded on the title of your property to give notification of important circumstances such as Notice to Title for Monitoring & Maintenance or Notice to Title for easements or Notice to Title for various restrictions that apply to the property or buildings.

Some counties require an M&M or O&M contract to be established on the septic system for the life of the system. A licensed M&M/O&M provider becomes the liaison to the county and proprietary repair technicians. Other counties may only require periodic inspections without a contract. However in both cases the licensed provider is required to fulfill inspection elements and submit these reports with the governing county.