Land Preparation

We would love to be a part of helping you achieve the dream you have for your property. Land preparation is the first major step toward it. Whether you’re an experienced builder or a first time property owner, understanding the necessary steps and having the experience to find solutions within changing rules and regulations is our forte. We deliver the highest quality, cost effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting passionate, experienced and focused project teams.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the photographs and definitions below and reviewing our procedures. Then give us a vision for what you want to achieve by filling out the Project Questionnaire.  We look forward to working with you!

Our Process

  1. Visit our Services Page to familiarize yourself with our services and Glossary of Terms (so you’ll know what we do and the words we use)
  2. Visit our Contact Us Page, fill out the Project Questionnaire and submit it to us. (It only takes a few minutes but it really helps us to meet your needs)
  3. A service specialist will contact you to go over your project and schedule a site visit as needed.
  4. An estimate will be given or itemized written quote will be provided. (valid for 90 days)
  5. Send initial payment with signed contract. (we look forward to working with you!)
  6. Work begins as scheduled

Glossary of Terms

Bulkhead constructed by Kat Trax Inc.Bulkheads:

retaining structures used for shoreline protection.

Camera Locating System by Kat Trax Inc.Camera Locating:

a special camera used to view septic drain fields and stormwater pipes.

Land Clearing by Kat Trax Inc.Clearing:

The removal of trees, roots, and other vegetation from the building site.

Curtain Drain by Kat Trax

Curtain Drains:

a trench filled with gravel or rock or containing perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area.

Cut $ Fill Project by Kat TraxCut & Fill:

"cut" being the ground that's dug up and "fill" being the dirt that's added.

Home demolition by Kat Trax Inc.Demolition:

The tearing-down of buildings or other structures.

Erosion Control System by Kat Trax Inc.Erosion Control:

special precautions to prevent the runoff from your cleared land from carrying mud to adjacent roads, properties and waterways.

Excavation Project by Kat Trax Inc.Excavation:

The digging and/or moving of soil.

Land Grading by Kat Trax Inc.Grading:

to reduce surface to specified level or inclination.

Logging Project by Kat TraxLogging:

the process of cutting down trees.

Pipe Laying by Kat Trax Inc.

Pipe Laying:

The laying and assembly of pipes in trenches. 

Retaining wall construction by Kat Trax Inc.Retaining Walls:

a wall that holds back earth or water. 

Road Building Project by Kat Trax Inc.  Road Building:

the process of creating a roadway.

Sanitary Sewer Project by Kat Trax Inc.Sanitary Sewer:

a system of underground pipes that carries grey water to a treatment plant. 

Storm Drain by Kat TraxStorm Drains:

a system designed to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage to designated areas. 

Stormwater Management System by Kat TraxStormwater Management:

the process which reduces, controls and helps to prevent storm water runoff through infiltration pits or dispersion trenches.

Utility tranching by Kat Trax Inc.Utility Trenching:

A non-drainage trench for routing pipes and cables.

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