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“Being a home builder in Kitsap and Pierce County, I work on numerous projects with many different variables, which gives me a great appreciation for having things done right from the start. Kat Trax has continually proven their ability to visualize, customize, and execute each project in a smooth and efficient manner, which is an invaluable quality in this line of work. I have worked with Kat Trax for the last six years and look forward to many more years ahead. Needless to say, I highly recommend Kat Trax for your next project.”
Date of Posting: 29 October 2014
Posted By: Brandon Adams -- Advantage Construction LLC
“Kat Trax is on our list of preferred installers. We’re pleasantly surprised how many times customers contact us to provide feedback on them. The things we hear the most are: “extremely knowledgeable”, “very professional”, “really nice crew”, and “great to work with”."
Date of Posting: 17 October 2014
Posted By: Acme Septic Design & Maintenance
“Our septic designer gave us a list of preferred installers and immediately you moved to the top of our list because you took the time to explain the steps involved in our installation and sent us the most detailed invoice. Your crew was outstanding and we especially appreciated that you met every deadline you gave us!”
Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: Terry J.
“Above and beyond! Kat Trax not only fixed our septic grinder/pump, but showed us how to maintain it ourselves; saving us hundreds of dollars in service calls. Thank you!”
Date of Posting: 05 September 2014
Posted By: Leslie R.
“Growing up here In the Gig Harbor area I’ve had the pleasure to work with and known several generations of the Peterson family. As such, it would only seem natural that Josh Peterson and his company “Kat Trax” would be my first choice for the excavation needs of my residential construction company. However, the fact of the matter is that they are the best choice…every time. Josh has an uncanny sense of business and he consistently delivers top quality work on schedule for the price quoted. Kat Trax uses the best machinery available combined with excellent operators to offer the kind of dependability a custom homebuilder like me requires. Whatever your project entails, be it commercial or residential in nature, Kat Trax is a call you should make.”
Date of Posting: 13 August 2014
Posted By: Kevin F.
“For years a high school friend who is a local builder kept telling me "You have to use Kat Trax ". When my patience with the company I had been using evaporated due to minimal communication and sub-par work I called Josh Peterson and my residential construction took a quantum leap forward. Josh and my core values clicked from the get go and we have formed a bond of mutual respect, hard work and first class quality. Because Kat Trax handles all my dirt work we can orchestrate site development from day one and the net result is a thoughtfully managed site with no issues. Storm drainage systems are in place prior to foundation excavation so water is managed, utilities go in early and all ditches are backfilled prior to framing so the site is safe, the ground is level and my job flows from one trade to the next. Good communication skills, experience beyond his years, thoughtful intelligence and a desire to do excellent work sold me on Kat Trax years ago and I still look forward to my next job with Josh!”
Date of Posting: 11 August 2014
Posted By: John G.
“My elderly in-laws needed a new septic tank and I assisted them in finding someone to do it. I got several bids, one of which was from Kat Trax. Josh Peterson, the owner, personally came out and gave a very favorable bid. Further, he said he could do the job, to completion, five days later. Sure enough, on the scheduled day, their crew arrived on the job and installed a brand new tank in about 4 hours. They did so expertly and even reconnected a nearby water line at no additional charge. My experience with them was positive and I would not hesitate to use them again.”
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014
Posted By: Mark F.

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